Web Technologies and Sciences Epistemologies

Antonio Cartelli
InSITE 2002  •  Volume 2  •  2002
The paper reports first of all the results of several studies on misconceptions and mental schemes many researchers carried out in different disciplines and several countries. At the end of this section an overview of open questions and unresolved problems concerning knowledge construction is reported. The paper continues describing the different ways computers entered in education and how they were used to help students in overcoming their difficulties. At last a snapshot of the influence of the Internet phenomenon on the educational processes follows. The last sections propose the analysis of two experiences the author made up with the use of Web technologies and suggest the adoption of an Information system to hit the following target: to improve the everyday work of teachers, to help students in overcoming their wrong ideas, to deepen the analysis of students' ideas and attitudes when they approach scientific disciplines and to redefine the relations existing among the disciplines involved in the study of teaching/learning processes.
misconceptions, mental schemes, meaningful learning, Web technologies, database, knowledge monitoring
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