Integrating Intelligent Methodological and Tutoring Assistance in a CASE Platform: The PANDORA Experience

Elena Castro, Dolores Cuadra, Paloma Martinez, Ana Iglesias
InSITE 2002  •  Volume 2  •  2002
Database Design discipline involves so different aspects as conceptual and logical modelling knowledge or domain understanding. That implies a great effort to carry out the real world abstraction task and represent it through a data model. CASE tools emerge in order to automating the database development process. These platforms try to help to the database designer in different database design phases. Nevertheless, this tools are frequently mere diagrammers and do not carry completely out the design methodology that they are supposed to support; furthermore, they do not offer intelligent methodological advice to novice designers. This paper introduces the PANDORA tool (acronym of Platform for Database Development and Learning via Internet) that is being developed in a research project which tries to mitigate some of the deficiencies observed in several CASE tools, defining methods and techniques for database development which are useful for students and practitioners. Specifically, this work is focused on two PANDORA components: Conceptual Modelling and Learning Support subsystems.
CASE tools, Database Design Methodologies, Intelligent Tutoring systems
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