The Changing Ecology of IT Management: Cross Disciplinary Explorations of Context and Content

Elia Chepaitis
InSITE 2002  •  Volume 2  •  2002
In the past decade, the context of Information Technology (IT) management changed in seminal areas: the circle of players, the tools, the emergence of Internet technologies, the evolution of information societies and digital economies, and critical questions of ethics and equity. These seismic changes can be captured if corresponding shifts occur in the content and context of IT education. A shift in context alters courses, methods, and materials but also the curriculum itself. The author identifies a variety of projects that immerse students in the altered ecologies of IT management and of IT education. The paper describes one of these projects--a student-authored proposal for a textbook on international information systems.
international, student-authored, ecology, soft factors, infrastructure, cross-disciplinary, socioeconomic, textbook proposal
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