Education of Overall IT System Design: Locally Situated E-business

Yoshinori Fujio
InSITE 2002  •  Volume 2  •  2002
The paper presents an overall, practicing educational model for designing IT systems for undergraduates. Students are awaked to the target consideration to learn IT in familiar cases, and they are motivated to design IT systems. A unifying theme is established, students execute investigation, research, and designing to achieve that theme. [Locally situated E-business] is taken up in this paper. In order to investigate, to research, and to design the theme, four groups are organized. Each group has its own sub-theme; investigation of business model, designing of client/server system, designing of mobile system, and designing of human interface. As the result of these practices, they are able to obtain a total IT image and an individual designing method. Students can approach the essence of IT through these processes.
IT system design, E-business, information systems, undergraduate, education
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