Evaluation of New Technology Implementation via POC Analysis

Masaru Furukawa
InSITE 2002  •  Volume 2  •  2002
In recent years the evolution of highly developed and complicated computerization has boosted the importance to business of IT infrastructure. Enhancement of business agility is not possible unless greater flexibility is built into IT infrastructure. More often than not, MIS’s today are not flexible enough in this sense to agilely accommodate demands for system change incessantly confronting them. We have been focusing our research on MIS flexibility, its evaluation and the development of methodology for its enhancement. This paper aims to present a comparative evaluation via POC (penalty of change) analysis of system alternatives involving a case of new technology implementation. To start with, we will define the concept of MIS flexibility. We will then describe an actual case of technology implementation and define the problem it involved and go on to illustrate the evaluation of MIS flexibility via POC analysis.
Management information systems, MIS evaluation, MIS flexibility, IT infrastructure, penalty of change
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