The Status of End-User Computing Support: An Exploratory Study

Chittibabu Govindarajulu, Susan K. Lippert
InSITE 2002  •  Volume 2  •  2002
End-User Computing (EUC) influences user productivity, information systems backlogs and user satisfaction. An exploratory study of 192 Midwest end-users was undertaken to investigate support services and end-user types superimposed on support sources. The results of this integrated review offer a richer understanding of end-user dynamics. Data collection occurred through a three-part questionnaire. End-user types were categorized using the Cotterman and Kumar (1989) classification scheme. Support categories were assessed using the Mirani and King (1994) instrument. The Govindarajulu and Reithel (1998) assessment instrument evaluated support services within information centers for local MIS staff and informal assistance. Results are presented from instrument validation procedures and descriptive data analysis that permit conclusions about EUC dynamics. Instrument validation was conducted using standard measures of internal consistency reliability and factor analysis, Cronbach’s alpha and a Principle Components Factor Analysis (PCFA), to facilitate factor loading. Descriptive data analysis employed conventional frequency distributions, scatterplots, descriptive data statistics, and other graphical data displays.
End-user computing, EUC Support, End-user Types, Measures of Classification
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