Technology Trust: An Inventory of Trust Infrastructures for Government and Commercial Information Systems In Support of Electronic Commerce

Susan K. Lippert
InSITE 2002  •  Volume 2  •  2002
Electronic business transactions have exploded in the 21st century. End users rely on Internet security and privacy systems for safeguarding personal information and protection from unauthorized use. While these systems focus on safety, security and privacy, infrastructures supporting predictability, reliability and utilization of technology, classified as technology trust, are underdeveloped. This benchmark review will identify, catalog, and report on existing technology trust structures within commercial and government electronic networks. Increased trust in technology leads to more effective utilization and rapid adoption of electronic commerce. The technology trust elements can have a profound affect on speed and efficiency of technology adoption, use, and acceptance.
technology trust, electronic commerce, trust structures, technology adoption, technology acceptance, benchmark, technology predictability, technology reliability, technology utility
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