Promise and Reality of Practiced Distributed Education (DE) Faculty Perspective

Mary S. McCully
InSITE 2002  •  Volume 2  •  2002
Student centered. Demonstrable outcomes. Center of gravity shifting from learned to learner. Learn by doing. Collaboration. Critical thinking. Student responsible for learning. Deeper learning. Ongoing feedback. Outcome assessment. Priority on how, not where, a student learns. Life-long learning opportunities. Global access 24/7/365. Effectiveness. Efficiency. Revolution. These are but a few of the touted promises of distributed education (DE) that are supported by new and evolving web based information technologies (IT). Education periodicals bombard their readers with heralds of the IT community’s pledge to revolutionize education out of the industrial age of Taylorized mass production of passive students and into the knowledge age of life long active learners. Notable educators predict DE will profoundly affect the traditional classroom, forcing it to follow the DE classroom in becoming more of a student centered active learning environment. (Carnevale, April, 2001; Newman & Scurry, 2001; Toward a model of distributed learning, 1999) Is there any truth to this hype?
Distributed Education (DE), Interactive Distributed Education, Distance Learning (DL), Student Centered, Active Learning
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