The Virtual Organization from the Viewpoint of Informing

Vojko Potocan, Marina Dabic
InSITE 2002  •  Volume 2  •  2002
The conditions of globalization require companies to transform from the traditional industrial enterprises into the modern post-industrial ones, which are becoming open, flexible and innovative. The focus on knowledge has lead to increase attention towards information technology (IT) as one of the main source of competitive advantages. Organizational starting points for their functioning lead to a specific organizational structure, e.g. virtual organization. Virtual organizations enable organizational and/or individual core competencies to be brought together when needed, and disbanded when no longer required on one hand. On the other hand, competitive pressure over the modern conditions of business requires a high quality of business functioning. Business functioning of virtual organizations car be significantly improved mainly in the field of its management, which is its least developed and investigated area. An important viewpoint of management presents a holistic information support to management, which, to a great extent, determines the quality of the entire management and has also a major impact on the results of business operation.
virtual organization, information support, requisite holism of information support
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