An In-forming Web-based Environment for a Bachelor of Software Engineering Degree - DoIT

Sita Ramakrishnan, Ashley Cambrell
InSITE 2002  •  Volume 2  •  2002
This paper presents our template-based approach in building a web-based system titled "Dynamic curriculum Organisation by Innovation through Technology (DoIT)". We have considered the meta-environment of any course development process and found that we can produce two kinds of knowledge assets from this environment. A delivery (asset) environment forms the basis of our traditional course delivery mechanisms. An in-forming (asset) environment can be created to engage the students to learn what they have learnt from the delivery environment. Normally, curriculum developers and curriculum implementers (lecturers and TAs) are involved mainly with only one aspect of this asset: the delivery environment. Our Bachelor of Software Engineering students also learn about what they have learnt in their undergraduate degree course by engaging with the in-forming environment of DoIT. We present a meta-environment for creating knowledge assets and show how our DoIT system fits within this educational knowledge framework.
SWEBOK, Informing science, in-forming
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