Hypertext and Managing Knowledge

Heinz Dreher
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
As the world’s store of knowledge increases, and knowledge-workers in contemporary organizations face the imperative of consulting that record, and contributing to it, in order to satisfy a diversity of users and uses, we need to find more efficient and effective ways of dealing with the vast volumes, and have strategies, processes, and systems for managing them. Hypertext technology is a good way to structure and access explicit knowledge. The “Dreher Hypertext Development Methodology” is proffered to guide the development of suitably structured and accessible knowledge repositories. The multitude of users - readers and writers, are empowered, and the diversity of uses - finding, accessing, structuring, linearizing (printing), and much more besides, are facilitated.
Hypertext, Knowledge Repository, Knowledge Worker, Methodology, World Wide Web
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