The Answer is to Question

Kevin A Johnston
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
“What did you leam in school today, dear little boy of mine?” asked the lyrics of satirist Tom Paxton a generation ago. “I learned our government must be strong./ It's always right and never wrong..../ That's what I learned in school today.” (A full set of lyrics appears at the end of the paper). Should the role of our classrooms be to serve as dumping grounds for tired old theories, or as launching pads for unfettered inquiries into new exciting worlds? Should we continue to throw out theory and facts, and set answers, or should we embark on a never-ending quest for new questions and insights? On obtaining a degree or diploma, each student should know how to answer questions, but how many know how to ask questions? What would they say when asked “what did you learn in school today?”
enroll, teach, learn, question, relevance.
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