Self-Study Interactive Lectures

H. David Brecht, Suzanne M. Ogilby, Eugene Sauls
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
This paper presents the groundwork development of a computer assisted learning program called SelfStudy Interactive Lectures (SSIL). SSIL is an enriched classroom presentation that uses transcript-quality lecture notes and OFFICE programming features to facilitate and empower students’ learning at a greater depth than otherwise obtainable. A major feature of SSIL is its response to variation in students’ abilities to understand complex material, such as accounting. The paper provides an overview of SSIL and discusses the implications for the scope and depth of lecture coverage. As a case study, students in classes using SSIL were surveyed and the results of the surveys are reported in the paper. This is seed research in nature, opening up opportunities for future research into the SSIL methodology’s connection to pedagogical theory and its testing for more general application in other classroom settings.
Computerized education, inno vation, students
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