The Experience of Information Distribution in a Distance Learning University: The Spanish Case

Carmen de Pablos, M. Juliana Lopez
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
Information and communication technologies offer us new possibilities to improve the way we develop our own work as both educators and researchers. In this paper we have stressed the particular case of their application to a Spanish Distance Learning University, the UNED, by emphasising the peculiarities of a distance learning traditional university, different from a virtual university or a traditional one that wants to use these technologies. First we offer a general vision about the University’s main objectives, main procedures and traditional information systems used. Second we show the change of the situation when the University decided to implement new technological tools as Internet and the WebCT. We pay a special attention to how these tools are trying to solve the specific situations that a university with these special characteristics faces.
distance learning, information and communication technologies, educational system, teaching style, learning style
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