Informing Clients in Education about Instructional Offerings and Careers in the ICT Industry

Nina Evans
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
Organisations of the twenty first century are increasingly dependent on knowledge, information- and communication technology (ICT). Due to the changes in modern organisations, a new role and set of expectations have emerged for ICT workers. Academic institutions have a responsibility to determine the needs of the ICT industry and develop the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in their learners, through relevant instructional offerings and course contents. Companies in the ICT industry regard higher education institutions as important clients. On the other hand, the clientele for higher education institutions include the learners, the ICT industry and the public. This article suggests that higher education institutions should remain informed about the needs of the ICT industry and, at the same time, keep their learners and other clients informed about these needs, career- and training options in the ICT field. It is argued that the management of this “two-way” practical informing science process -to satisfy both stakeholders- is the responsibility of higher education institutions. The questions that continually need to be answered through such an informing process are : To what extent has the ICT world changed and what is the influence of such changes on the demands made of ICT workers? Do these changing demands have an influence on the ICT training institutions and how should academic institutions adapt their courses accordingly? How should learners be kept informed of the changing industry needs and instructional offerings, enabling them to make wiser career choices?
Informing Science, Information Systems, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Higher Education, Business Analysis, System Analysis, Relationship Management, Information Technology (IT)
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