Blending Theoretical and Practical Experiences for a Multimedia Development Graduate Course

Fauzy Wan
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
The Center of Instructional Technology and Multimedia at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (Science University of Malaysia) has for the past three years conducted a Multimedia Development course for the Masters of Education program. This paper will present experiences and opinions from both the instructor’s and students’ of the course. The course objective is to provide both theoretical and practical experiences in Multimedia Courseware development to be used in the classroom or training facilities. Students are required to submit a four-research article review as well as produce two-multimedia courseware as their practical component for the course. They are also required to undertake a final examination. From the evaluation and assessment of the course the students are very positive in the experiences that they have undergone and their major complaint is a lack of time to complete the practical component of the course. The instructor utilized PowerPoint and Microsoft Publisher as the introductory software for Multimedia and Web Page development.
Multimedia Courseware Development, Web Page Development, Theory and Practice, Authoring
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