Using a Case Method Approach in an IT Project Management Curriculum: A Long Look over the Shoulder of a Practitioner at Work

Tony Jewels, Christine Bruce
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
Modern IT project managers require a range of multi-disciplinary skill-sets in order to increase the likelihood of project success. Delivery of a single course unit, which attempts to prepare students for the rigours demanded from this role, demands a delicate blend of topics from curricula administrators and a pedagogy that best suits its environmental constraints. The Faculty of Information Technology of one university is using an integrated case method approach in an attempt to link theoretical constructs of IT project management (ITPM) with a real-world, practical implementation example. An analysis of student post-unit feedback indicates a variation in understanding of what had been learnt, providing an opportunity to advance the teaching model.
IT Project Management, Case Method Teaching, Learning Approaches
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