Misinformation: Understanding the Evolution of Deception

Silvia Covacio
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
The ensuing discussion of the evolutionary principles surrounding misinformation describes how misinformation creates similar mindsets and behaviour patterns. The evolutionary process of misinformation is often a battle of opposing entities or forces - the rhythm of domination and subservience, altruism and egoism. For misinformation to succeed it requires all interrelated actors to remain, inadvertently or voluntarily, silent and cooperative with the misinformation sender. The negativity breeds negativity, which creates an unstable organisational environment leading to the collapse of the system supported on a misinformation foundation. Many organisations are based on this rhythm, and Michel Foucault affirms that organisations are repressive systems that require misinformation to control and dominate through knowledge management. The dominating organisational forces often include the use of unethical practices utilizing misinformation to dominate individuals, committees, other organisations, and the market. The hope of survival lies in the rise of Comte’s altruistic and ethical behaviour patterns beginning on an individual level, spreading within the unethical organisation to related organisations, and governments.
power, control, selfishness, altruism, ethics
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