Developing Real World/Virtual World Hands-on Experiments for IT Students

Lawrence Schmitt, James Aflaki
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
This paper outlines the design and development of an interactive virtual laboratory toolset, TelcSim, designed to enhance students’ learning of basic telecommunication principles. This study establishes the increasing demand for technically competent IT professionals throughout this decade. Next, the mix, motivation, and background of students entering the university environment to obtain the skills necessary to meet this demand are explored. Based on the result of this analysis and the examination of current learning theories, their use and applications, a virtual laboratory toolset (TelcSim) was developed. A preliminary evaluation of TelcSim shows great promise and meets the goals set forth during its design. Recommendations for further development and enhancements are explored in conclusion of this article. Included are screen prints showing a sample of TelcSim features.
IT Education, Telecommunications, Simulation, Virtual Laboratory
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