Problem Based Group Learning in IT in Higher Education: Reflection and Experiences

Elizabeth Hobson, Carmen Joham
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
This paper describes a number of issues that have arisen using some of the current methods for forming groups for collaborative group projects and how group interactions and group learning support student progress and development. The use of group projects prepares students for the workplace of tomorrow where they will encounter having to collaborate in teams. Firstly, the paper discusses the importance of IT subjects in universities, specifically addressing the importance of computer literacy among students. The paper then draws on the instructors’ reflections on field work undertaken when delivering a number of courses and introduces, in a narrative style, some crucial indicators (key factors) which impact on group work within IT education. A number of preliminary suggestions addressing group work learning in the early stages of forming the group will be discussed. Furthermore, some of the students’ views (that is, concerns) and specific experiences will be described to highlight the importance of group learning.
group work, IT education, collaboration, group projects, computer literacy
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