Concept and Development of an Internet-based Newspaper for Students at the Technical University of Clausthal

Nils Heyer, Jorge Marx Gomez
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
This paper deals with the conception and implementation of internet-based magazines such as online newspapers and e-journals. This topic will be discussed by the use of a precise e-newspaper implementation project called “ZeWIC”. ZeWIC is short for “Zeitung der Wirtschaftsinformatik in Clausthal”. It is a source of information for the students mostly for their study purposes at the Technical University of Clausthal. First there is some information given about electronic newspapers in general. Then ZeWIC is described, starting with the data model which forms the background of this special newspaper, and continuing with the particular implementation. This paper ends with a perspective about what can and will be changed or added soon to ZeWIC to improve ZeWIC’s service even more.
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