A Conceptualised Framework for Edutainment

Hanafizan Hussain, Zarina Che Embi, Samsuri Hashim
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
Conventional technique of design in computer games normally use programming as the ultimate task for developing computer games. In this framework, the development of edutainment for developing computer games for kids will be spearhead towards educators. The development of this conceptualized environment will lead the users to build an application towards a distributed resource available to a group of children. The aim of this paper is to develop an edutainment framework to be used as a tool for nonprogramming users especially educators for preschool children to develop digital games. Furthermore, it will identify the need for the used of diverse media elements and accommodating different skill levels in interface controls.
Conceptualized Framework, Edutainment, Digital Games, Preschool, and Storytelling
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