Toward an Actionable Framework of Knowledge Synthesis in the Pursuit of Learning Organization

Kam Hou Vat
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
This paper investigates the idea of knowledge work appropriate to the context of organization transformation. Specifically, we describe an actionable framework of knowledge synthesis, which accommodates the shift of information system (IS) support from automating to informating to knowledging. Our discussion intends to clarify the ideal of a learning organization which is designed to help transfer learning from individuals to a group, provide for organizational renewal, keep an open attitude to the outside world, and support a commitment to knowledge. The paper deals with the classification of knowledge tasks and its relation to organizational design. We elaborate the issue of knowledge characterizations that help structure and facilitate knowledge interconnectivity, through the exposition of the information continuum. We also describe the spiral approach of knowledge creation in terms of different modes of knowledge conversion, realizable in any of the contemporary organizations. Finally, we conclude by reiterating the various challenges of creating a communal knowledge space within the working of a learning organization.
Learning Organization, Knowledge Architecture, Knowledge Synthesis, Knowledge Infrastructure
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