Knowledgebases: A Management Context and Development Determinants

Mieczyslaw L. Owoc
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
Contemporary computers give huge possibilities for processing different structures of data e.g. multimedia data types and very unconstrained in construction - object types. Moreover these different structures are processed using methods called intelligent. Knowledgebases (a specific sort of intelligent systems), as a consequence of variety of solutions, belong ambiguous terms. Principally, applications with a stored knowledgebase and a reasoning mechanism - to stress its structural components - are termed knowledgebases. Directions of the research concerning knowledgebases and expressing their peculiar characteristics (coming from the main message of scientific formation in the past) are presented in this paper. The starting point of the paper is observed impact of management processes on intelligent systems and vice versa. Managerial context (including classical, behavioural, quantitative, integrating contemporary and future management approaches) of knowledgebases became the ground to draft development of applications of this sort framework. Taking into account research on knowledgebases, a set of knowledgebase development determinants is discussed.
knowledgebase, knowledge management, intelligent system, management supporting, knowledge workers
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