Applications of Customer Focused E-Learning

Corinne Montandon, Marianne Zentriegen
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
This paper provides information on customer focused e-learning (CFEL). It is an overview on the application area of CFEL and the potential of its business applications. Training of customers holds some undiscovered potential. CFEL is a new concept and little technical literature is available yet. In the majority of cases a differentiation is made between the category groups e-learning as business segment (private training) and e-learning as marketing instrument (educommerce). In this paper product training is considered as a third type of CFEL. For the illustration of possible applications of CFEL, numerous practical examples are given. This paper then goes on to develop these ideas in a practical way through case studies of the e-learning provision of three Swiss companies. This paper refers solely to corporate e-learning, whereas employee and supplier training is not considered. Especially in the sectors of computer science, financial services, staffing and employment service, and health care, the odds for an early breakthrough of CFEL are promising.
E-Learning, Customer Focused E-Learning, Private Training, Educommerce, Product Training, Corporate E-Learning
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