Teaching Information Technology to a non-Technical Audience: A Graduate Course on IT for the Historical Profession

Shawn A. Ross
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
The graduate program in History at William Paterson University explicitly promotes itself as emphasizing information technology. HIST501: Information Technology for the Historical Profession, a course required of all entering graduate students, serves as a foundation for the IT literacy the program seeks to foster. Teaching HIST501 has proved challenging, however, due to the diverse interests and backgrounds of our students and a lack of integration with the broader graduate program. By structuring the course around an historical project—research, composition, and presentation of a thesis proposal— students immediately realize the relevance of IT to their research and teaching. Students learn IT applications and tools by using them to advance their proposal. By devoting class time to discussion of techniques for solving problems, while students learn the details of particular software packages on their own or through individual tutoring, a wide range of skill levels can be accommodated.
Information technology curricula, information technologies for the humanities, information technology and history
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