Digital Textbooks with Workbooks for Elementary and Secondary Education

Durdica Tezak
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
An interactive model of a digital textbook supplemented with a workbook has been designed. It represents the basis for the textbook on the CD-ROM related to the printed one. The digital textbook contains inner links, as well as outer links - access to the Internet resources. It is comes with worksheets for teaching, learning, self-learning and the knowledge testing. The contents of the worksheets includes at least with two main parts: (i) an education quiz which is intended for learning and self-learning, (ii) a knowledge quiz that verifies the acquired knowledge. The model can be filled in with teaching contents in all areas of science, humanities as well as in arts. In addition, each lecture in the textbook is provided with a comprehensive glossary and the literature references.
CD-ROM, digital textbook, education, Internet, links
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