Panel on: The Problems and Prospects of Teaching in the Digital Age Personally Authenticating the Digital Divide

Xin-An (Lucian) Lu, Hong Wang
InSITE 2003  •  Volume 3  •  2003
Is technology equalizing or polarizing this world? The authors answer this question by personally authenticating the dramatic state of the digital divide via their own experience. First, the authors will define “digital divide. Second, justification will be given to the significance of the issue. Third, with citation of research literature, the authors will substantiate the gravity of digital divide in our world. Finally, adducing their own personal experience, the authors intend to clinch the point that the digital divide is not distant and impersonal, a concern of someone else, but close, real, and very personal. The authors’ multi-regional and multi-national experiences put them in a poised position to explore and reflect upon the issue of the digital divide.
digital divide, technology, ICT, polarization
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