Using Technology-Mediated Learning Environment to Overcome Social and Cultural Limitations in Higher Education

Arif Bhatti, Abdallah Tubaishat, Eyas El-Qawasmeh
InSITE 2005  •  Volume 5  •  2005
Adoption of Internet-based communication and learning technologies could overcome the limitations caused by the social and cultural values of a society. Zayed University (ZU) is a female-only university in a modern Arab country that holds dear its high appreciation to cultural and social values. This paper explores the impact and effectiveness of the outcome-based technology-mediated learning environment for the College of Information systems (CIS) students. This environment compliments the classroom activities. The paper concludes with some discussion on findings from a case-study of a database course. Results shows studying in this environment helped students: (a) be more confident in expressing their ideas, (b) develop their communication skills, (c) be independent learners, and (d) be more confident to do their best work.
. Learning management systems, e-learning, social and cultural issues, asynchronous learning.
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