Customizing Instruction

Frank Kurzel
InSITE 2005  •  Volume 5  •  2005
In this paper, we examine techniques employed to customize features within an information technology related leaning environment. Fine grained concepts form the basis of the system; these are initially configured hierarchically into sessions by the instructor to constitute a week’s worth of work. Tools however, exist to provide other forms of access. This constitutes a separation of the course’s knowledge and skill base from the instructional methodology pursued. A session for example, is an instructor driven grouping that has instructional significance. Other instructional objects or artifacts that play particular roles in a methodology can be specified. We examine a problem based scenario and contrast it with an expository form of delivery. Adaptive hypermedia techniques driven by student profiling, are employed to provide students with feedback on their status with particular concepts. Students have access to all course metadata through a range of tools, along with web based tools to scrutinize and access information stored about them. This also includes the formal assessment maintained for the course and any individual settings used by the environment.
learning environments, customization, instruction, course metadata, student profiles.
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