Time and the Design of Web-Based Learning Environments

Ari Wahlstedt
InSITE 2005  •  Volume 5  •  2005
For novice designers dealing with a mass of information, the initiation phase of design of a web-based learning environment can last much longer than for professional designers. A professional designer can with the help of experience surmount technological, cultural and social barriers that might prevent the design of a good learning environment. However, the time aspects of information, what is needed in design and information, what is used in learning, can result re-design and re-learning. From the designers’ perspective, we observe what information they use. We focus especially on analyzing how they understand the time aspect of learning. From the users’ perspective we discuss what time means to them in learning. The change in information happens in a certain period of time. We think that there should be more attention to this aspect in the design and propose hypothetical tools that might help filling the gap between design and use.
design, designer, web-based learning environment, time, learning, information
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