And What of Intellectual Landscapes in the Future?

James P. McCarthy
InSITE 2005  •  Volume 5  •  2005
The world of librarianship has undergone a sea change in its understanding of itself and of its role as a contributor to scholarship, teaching and learning during the past twenty years. It now seems poised to facilitate the opening of new vistas on future knowledge access and interpretation. It has become a leading force in the evolution of new intellectual landscapes while at the same time becoming ever more conscious of its traditional custodial role in preserving the media of knowledge transmission. There are so many facets of change taking place, so much research, so many reports, so many scholars and so many commercial companies contributing to create the knowledge society; a knowledge economy. So much of the language and culture of the knowledge society is derived from the world of commerce. Its evolution seems to be more and more market driven. But what might happen if knowledge was no longer the focus of the marketplace? Would production cease? This paper speculates about such a future and the knowledge landscape which might emerge.
Book, Intellectual landscapes, Grid, Information, Knowledge, Future, Literacy, Librarianship, Digital, Repositories.
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