Measurement Data Logging via Bluetooth

Kaj J. Grahn, Christian Dickert, Frank Schneider, Göran Pulkkis
InSITE 2005  •  Volume 5  •  2005
The implementation of measurement data logging with data communication based on Bluetooth technology is described. The design, implementation and testing of two applications are presented. The first application is an alarm system to monitor alarm sensors and warning systems on a mobile device. The second application is a temperature and voltage measurement system, which transfers temperature and voltage values. Both applications are built up around a Bluetooth developer kit. A Bluetooth enabled mobile notebook PC or a PDA acts as a server. The implementation methodology consisting of application architecture design, technological design, software design, recording of measurement data, Bluetooth data transfer, and visualization of measurement data is described in detail.
Bluetooth, data logging, radio technology, sensor, temperature, voltage
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