Journey to the Center of the Core: Computers and the Internet in the Core Curriculum

Jorge PĂ©rez, Meg Murray
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
Computers, digitalization and the Internet have transformed modem society. Commerce, education, communication and socialization will never be the same. Surprisingly, many universities do not require a computing course in the core curriculum. Critical information technology (IT) competencies are often taken for granted, to the detriment of students who lack computing and Internet skills. This paper describes an initiative undertaken by a computer science and information systems department to assess and remediate IT skills needed by all university students, regardless of major. The project is evolving along several dimensions: identification of discipline-independent IT competencies, assessment of IT skills among current and incoming students, and curriculum development.
assessment, curriculum, education, computer skills, information systems, computer science, Internet.
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