Openness to Experience: An HCI Experiment

Raafat Saade, Dennis Kira, Fassil Nebebe, Camille Otrakji
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
Today’s market continues to introduce many and different information communications technologies. As a result, end users are faced with a variety of interfaces which they need to learn and use in a short period of time. The motivation to learn a new interface is subject to many variables most importantly is level of computer competencies, and openness to experience. The aim of this study was to explore end-users’ overall computer competencies, competencies using software with graphical interfaces and openness to experiencing new software interfaces. In a controlled experiment, participants were asked to perform five tasks using an image editing icon based interface software for the first time. We identify possible personality trait construct in modeling better interfaces.
User Interfaces, computer competencies, openness to experience, performance
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