Honeypot through Web (Honeyd@WEB): The Emerging of Security Application Integration

Nor Badrul Anuar, Omar Zakaria, Chong Wei Yao
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
This paper discusses on the development of the Honeyd@WEB. Honeyd@WEB is a system that can deploy low-interaction, production, dynamic and manageable virtual honeypots via a web interface. It runs open source programs, such as P0f (a passive fingerprinting tool) and Honeyd (a low-interaction honeypot). Honeyd@WEB can automatically determine; how many honeypots to deploy, how to deploy them, and what they should look like to blend in with the environment. The first part of this paper highlights the basic security concepts of honeypot and honeynet. The second part of this paper explains the Honeyd@WEB system. Finally, the strengths and the weaknesses of the system are discussed.
Honeypot, honeynet, open source, network security, Honeyd@WEB
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