An Information Assurance and Security Curriculum Implementation

Samuel Liles, Reza Kamali
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
A holistic approach to security education is important to providing practitioners the scope of learning necessary for integration of their skills into the enterprise. Specifically domains of knowledge can easily be identified that allow for this holistic approach to be implemented into a new program of study or curriculum for information assurance and security. Within the Purdue Calumet CIT Department a new curriculum has been written and the program of study has been approved for implementation and the first students have applied to the program. The domains of systems assurance, software assurance, and operations assurance are as critical to the success as the overall goal of ABET accreditation of the program to the ACM SIGITE draft specifications when finalized.
Information Assurance, Security, Curriculum, SIGITE, ACM
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