The Application of Semantic Enablers in the Context of Content Management Systems

Samuel Sambasivam, Tilemachos Kanakis
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
Content management can be viewed as the concepts, processes, technologies and practices that deal with the development, management and publishing of information. Traditionally, a Content Management System (CMS) does not offer the means for content classification, management and retrieval of data based on dynamically defined information models. Furthermore, Content Management Systems usually rely on indexed text, syntactic and/or structural metadata for content classification and retrieval. The paper discusses the design of an experimental Semantic CMS (SCMS), which exercises the application of semantic enablers - ontologies, classification & metadata - in order to achieve capture and utilization of content meaning. Lastly, it suggests that the application of semantic enablers in the context of Content Management Systems can provide the means for better information organization and retrieval as well as enhanced machine interoperability.
Content Management, Semantic enablers, Classification, Ontology, Metadata, OWL, Relational Database
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