Semantics Ontologies and Information Systems in Education: Concerns and Proposals

Antonio Cartelli
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
The author describes his experience with students interacting with some websites he made for didactics and research and how this led him to an appreciation for the need for better searching tools and strategies for education. The students’ difficulties emerging from the above observations were a special case of the more general problem evidenced from people while searching information on the web. Semantic web is then discussed as a way to help people overcome their difficulties in using the web to gain knowledge. The paper describes some models for knowledge construction and analyzes them in terms of their suitability as instruments for the introduction of semantics on the web. The paper then provides evidence regarding some limits for the systematic use of semantic search engine and ontology domain systems in everyday teaching and knowledge construction. Finally, the paper reports and explains a hypothesis of an information system for building communities of practice and letting them work on the construction of domain ontology. The paper concludes that this construct is well adapted to the model for knowledge construction firstly hypothesized, and can give good results in teaching-learning planning and carrying out and in helping scientists and scholars to analyze scientific paradigms and to find new trends for research.
information system, knowledge construction, learning objects, ontology, semantic web, units of learning
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