Categorizing the IS research literature: A user oriented perspective

Bandula Jayatilaka, Heinz Klein, Jinyoul Lee
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
The predecessors of this research project were the efforts to classify the Information Systems (IS) research along paradigmatic lines. While the paradigmatic classifications are very useful philosophically, examination of an issue such as the use of Information Systems and the related socioorganizational issues require a classification that is centered around the social phenomenon of the use and effects of IS. Our approach to the categorization of the body of knowledge captured in the existing Information Systems literature can make the contributions to the use side of Information Systems more explicit. The new twist of this approach is that it provide an integrative perspectives on IS use by seeking to bridge the most prevalent divides currently fragmenting the IS literature. We call our proposal for a new approach to literature classification “substance oriented”, because it follows neither the latest paradigmatic classification nor earlier bottom up citation or key word based literature classification schemes. Instead it explicitly builds on social theory concepts directly relevant for the “user-domain” and is in this sense “substance-oriented”, at least at its highest level. In its current version, the paper identifies the core concepts of Gidden’s Structuration Theory (ST) as being relatively most suited for capturing user concerns in the existing archival body of IS research publications.
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