Adding a new Language to VB .NET Globalization - Making the Case for the Kurdish Languages

Azad Ali, Seever Sulainman
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
Starting with the introduction of Visual Studio .NET (VS .NET) application developers can write programs that may be used for different languages listed in VB .NET globalization. However, this globalization list is incomplete and is missing many languages. Among the languages that are missing from VB globalization is the Kurdish language. This paper makes a case for adding the Kurdish language to the list used in VB .NET globalization. The paper starts by explaining about VB .NET globalization, the Kurdish language and then makes a case for adding the Kurdish language. Making the case is based on factors considered in including languages and also on the features of the Kurdish language. A summary and suggested future work is included at the end.
VB Globalizations, VB New languages, VB Kurdish, VS Kurdish
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