Creating Web-Based Learning Systems: An Evolutionary Development Methodology

Said Hadjerrouit
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
In order to become a crucial resource for learners, Web-based learning must take into consideration that education has triggered a shift from the teaching paradigm to the learning paradigm. As a result, students are becoming more independent from the teacher. Besides the evolution of the learning paradigm, educational technologies are evolving constantly. Moreover, changes caused by academic institutions, course content, ethical, legal, cultural issues need to be considered in the development of Web-based learning. Clearly, Web-based learning systems must constantly evolve in order to meet their requirements. But still, much of the development of Web-based learning is carried out without a true understanding of requirements that are proper to Web-based learning, resulting in bad analysis and design, poor quality, and maintainability. This paper focuses on the application of an evolutionary software development process model to translate Web-based learning requirements into a system that provides learners with information that supports effective learning.
Evaluation framework, evolutionary process model, learning theories, pedagogical principles, software development, Web-based learning.
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