Defining Professional Behavior: A Situational Look at Ethics in the Classrooms and Laboratories of American Colleges and Universities

Tina Ashford, Linda Davis
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
This paper is designed to help identify specific behaviors that present challenging decisions for faculty in terms of questionable ethical behavior or conflicts of interest and ways to deal with the various situations. The behaviors are divided into five sections: 1) Dishonest or unethical behavior in teaching 2) Dishonest or unethical behavior in research 3) Sexual Harassment 4) Neglect of University-related duties and responsibilities 5) Unauthorized use of University facilities, equipment, materials, data, properties or service. Through the use of scenarios, a guided discussion of the various ethics involved in each scenario will be conducted. The sets will be followed by suggested ideas that may guide the practice of faculty professionals, as well as those behaviors that would constitute misconduct.
Ethics, Professional Behavior, Interactive, Guidelines
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