Practical IT Education. Deepening of Technology

Yoshinori Fujio
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
A practical IT education is a combination of lectures and exercises, as well as learning and putting into practice the theory of a fundamental system technology. The following is presumed. It is important to execute such education by directing the accumulation of knowledge and the expansion of knowledge through the spiral model, making it more educationally effective. The present treatise considers the efficacy of education when supplemented with working examples of graduate research that direct the accumulation and expansion of knowledge through a spiral model, and lectures accompanied by graduate research. Further examples are shown of the development into headwaters and systematic effort through a spiral model as a plan for increasing the efficacy of the education. This effort relates to “practical IT education”, for which new directionality is suggested.
Education, Spiral model, Skill, Measurement, Graduate research, Headwaters
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