Video Annotation - Improving Assessment of Transient Educational Events

Matthew Butler, Tim Zapart, Raymond Li
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
Annotation of video content has been commonplace in the entertainment industry for many years and is now becoming a valuable tool within the business world. Unfortunately its use in education has to date been limited. Although research and development is being undertaken to apply video annotation techniques to assessment and both software and hardware exists to facilitate this process, it must be acknowledged that these solutions are generally cost prohibitive for educational use. This paper will investigate simple video annotation methods for assessment of transient state events in the education context such as presentations. The authors will introduce a number of existing uses of video annotation, as well as discuss the educational context this can be placed within, highlighting fundamental concerns with some assessment practices. A framework for a solution involving video annotation techniques will be discussed, along with practical demonstration of a prototyped solution and discussion of further application.
video annotation, multimedia, transient events, Macromedia Director
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