Virtual Medical Campus (VMC) Graz: Innovative Curriculum meets Innovative Learning Objects Technology

Volkmar Haase, Josef Smolle, Stefan Vejda, Reinhard Staber, Christian Steinmann, Ingomar Wascher
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
Experience with a large scale virtual university learning system is presented. A newly designed curriculum for medical studies is made available in electronic multimedia form and is serving the needs of 2500 students per semester. We describe the concept, the technology based on a 3-layer-software system, and especially problems and solutions in connection with mapping medical knowledge onto a multimedia learning objects repository including metadata. The resume is that virtualised teaching is a successful method to manage high numbers of students and to organize a fair selection process. When we proceed with face-to-face communication in later phases of the education virtual teaching is still used as a powerful support function.
Virtual campus; medical curriculum; learning objects technology; metadata
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