The Ontogeny of Memory and Learning: Natural Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence in Information Technology Education

Mahendrenath Motah
InSITE 2006  •  Volume 6  •  2006
Over the past decades Information Technology has made a tremendous impact on the lives of humans, so much so, that one can safely state that humans eat, breathe and live IT. Each and every aspect of the life of those living in the “modern” world is under the spell of IT. The talk of the day is E-economy, E-education, E-commerce, E-finance, E-government, E-entertainment, E-communication, E-mail; E-learning.. ..the world we are living in has become an E-world. In this whirlpool, many are still groping in the dark while a lot more have kept the pace in both developed and developing countries. The impact of the E thing and IT has attained such dimensions that concepts like cognition, cognitive development, fluid intelligence, crystallized intelligence, emotional intelligence, memory, learning, sensation and perception, and other related terms used to qualify, quantify and explain human experiences have become almost empty concepts in the face of what is nowadays known as artificial intelligence. This paper aims to analyse the biological, physiological and psychological aspects of memory and learning and to critically look at the impact of Information Technology Education and Information Technology in the every day dealings of humans. It also aims to be a thought provoking piece of work, to the scientific minds working on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Computers and derivatives, and all the perspectives that Artificial Intelligence offers to humanity, not forgetting that “the human mind and natural intelligence is behind it all”.
ontogeny of memory; learning; intelligence and intelligences; artificial intelligence; IT education; emotional intelligence.
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