A Didactic Experience in Collaborative Learning Supported by Digital Media

Ricardo Cattafi, Christiane Metzner
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
Collaboration is a learning strategy used in various domains such as e-health, e-business, e-education, e-government and e-research. In e-learning and under a constructivist approach, collaboration is expected to increase the performance of students. Although it can be used without digital media, given the pervasiveness of technology, their systematic application by educational institutions as instructional tools is nowadays common. In this work, we present our anecdotal experience to introduce collaborative learning at one of the main universities in Venezuela and analyze the results in terms of how students perceived what they learned, how they apprehended collaborative work and we describe a set of collaborative learning strategies with digital media and independent interaction tools that were chosen in this experience by students and teachers. These results will be used for improving the programs and courses in informatics aimed at preparing educators with a profile taking into account ICT’s.
Knowledge Society, Information Society, ICT in Education, Collaborative learning, e-learning
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