Intelligent System for Information Security Management: Architecture and Design Issues

Mariana Hentea
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
The limitations of each security technology combined with the growth of cyber attacks impact the efficiency of information security management and increase the activities to be performed by network administrators and security staff. Therefore, there is a need for the increase of automated auditing and intelligent reporting mechanisms for the cyber trust. Intelligent systems are emerging computing systems based on intelligent techniques that support continuous monitoring and controlling plant activities. Intelligence improves an individual’s ability to make better decisions. This paper presents a proposed architecture of an Intelligent System for Information Security Management (ISISM). The objective of this system is to improve security management processes such as monitoring, controlling, and decision making with an effect size that is higher than an expert in security by providing mechanisms to enhance the active construction of knowledge about threats, policies, procedures, and risks. We focus on requirements and design issues for the basic components of the intelligent system.
information security management, cyber security, intelligent system, architecture, agent-based control.
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