Accreditation of Monash University Software Engineering (MUSE) Program

Sita Ramakrishnan
InSITE 2007  •  Volume 7  •  2007
Engineering programs in Australian Universities are accredited by Engineers Australia (EA) based on certain strict guidelines. This paper discusses the undergraduate SE curriculum and accreditation effort undertaken over the last ten years at Monash University in order to achieve a successful outcome. The paper describes how the SE curriculum has evolved over this period at Monash and maintained its product quality by benchmarking against various international efforts such as the CMU-SEI effort in early 1990s, ACM/IEEE efforts on Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK, versions 2001-2004) and the curriculum guidelines for each major area of computing in Computing Curricula (CC2001) such as a Software Engineering volume (SE2004). Currently at Monash, student-centric evaluations are used to determine the teach-ing/learning outcome and in-form the world through the web to support the University’s quality assurance and improvement strategies. We discuss our effort in providing an aligned, evidence-based approach to quality assurance for continued accreditation of MUSE.
accreditation, curriculum, software engineering, teaching/learning outcomes, quality system process
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